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BTR's Resources and Expertise

BTR's technical staff includes microbiologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, and chemical and biochemical engineers, several with advanced degrees. The broad experience base of our staff, as well as our ability to assign multidisciplinary project teams, has repeatedly proven to be an invaluable asset when approaching new R&D programs.

BTR's Building


BTR is located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on the shore of Lake Michigan, 70 miles north of Milwaukee and 40 miles southeast of Green Bay. Our 15,000 square-feet of well-equipped laboratory space includes:

  • Microbiology laboratories for growth, manipulation, and screening of microorganisms
  • Molecular biology laboratories for recombinant gene manipulation and expression, genetic transformation, PCR, and vector development
  • Facilities and equipment for laboratory and pilot-scale bioprocess development and evaluation, including over 60 fermentors ranging in size from one to 250 liters with off-gas analytical capability
  • Selected product recovery equipment, including continuous centrifuges, ultrafiltration devices, homogenizers, a lyophilizer, and a spray dryer
  • Analytical equipment to support R&D programs
  • Radioisotope handling facilities and equipment

For a specific list of BTR's fermentation, analytical, and product recovery capabilities, see our Equipment List.



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